Ambassador Program

This November, we're connecting with strong women who have fought the obsessive battle between food, body, and love. NOW they passionately help others fight it, because they know there is sooo much more to life than weight and what's on your plate. If you want to be a part of helping thousands of lives forever - join us for the FoodBodyLove Rally. Apply below.



Promotion Opens: Nov 6
Promotion Closes: Nov 28

The FoodBodyLove Rally is FREE
Lifetime VIP Access Pass is $147

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For every one VIP Access Pass sold, we donate 1 to SoulPaws Nonprofit: Healing through the Human-Animal Connection


Knowledge You'll Be Sharing

Highly actionable interviews from the worlds best and brightest food and body experts. 



Rebecca Scritchfield, RD


Evelyn Tribole, RD


Christy Harrison, RDN


Anita Johnston, PhD


Dana Falsetti



Leora Fulvio, LMFT


Shannon Kopp


Isabel Foxen Duke


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Tools to Help You Spread the Word

Sharing is easy with pre-designed images, gifs, and text for social media and email.


AmBADASSador Points

In addition to 50% Commission on VIP Passes, we're giving away goodies to our top-sellers.

  • VIP Passes

  • Speakers Books

  • Clothing

  • Classes

  • Coaching Sessions

  • Astrology Readings


Below you'll find answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have more questions, reach out to us at - we’re happy to help.


Is True Warrior Related to Recovery Warriors?

Yes! True Warrior, Inc. is the parent company to Recovery Warriors. True Warrior is an online education platform that broadcasts classes and events to global audiences on topics related to career, relationships, and health. Recovery Warriors exists to provide resources to people with eating disorders. Many of the classes on True Warrior are designed to help Recovery Warriors audience work through their food and body issues (like the upcoming FoodBodyLove Rally!) 


What Is the True Warrior Ambassador Program?

Our Ambassador Program is a group of promotional partners who help us spread the word about True Warrior, and together we change lives.

Ambassadors spread the news of our classes and events (like this years FoodBodyLove Rally taking place online Nov 13-22, 2017) through social media, blogs, email and telephone conversations. Ambassadors receive a commission on all sales they refer to True Warrior.


How Are Ambassadors Selected?

We vet through an application process so we can create win-win relationships and make sure we’re all a good fit. Admittedly, we work to keep the group small — not to exclude anyone, but simply to help us to maintain personal connections with our Ambassadors. Most importantly, we only want folks promoting True Warrior who truly believe in our mission of sharing life-changing knowledge with the world.


What Are You Looking For In An Ambassador?

We’re looking for Ambassadors who are aligned on every level with the integrity, spirit and mission of True Warrior. We review each Ambassador individually including their brand, messaging, commitment to service, reputation and where applicable — their personal story of how being a warrior has positively impacted their health and life.

We want folks who have a creative plan for promoting our classes and events.


Do You Have Set Promotion Requirements?

Nope. At the very least, our Ambassadors will share their unique URL to the Rally registration page on social media and email people who they know would be interested. However, we're looking to connect with Ambassadors who really want to see results from their promotion of the Rally. They want to help people and get paid so they can do things like cover rent for a couple months, buy cool gifts for their friends and family over the holidays, or treat themselves to a fun vacation. 

For best results, we recommend reaching out a minimum of 4 times over the 22 day promotional period. 

1.) November 6th: Send an email and/or social media letting your crew know that registration is open for the Rally. 

2.) November 12th: Send an email and/or social media the day before the Rally starts. 

3.) November 13-22nd: Send an email and/or social media the day of one of your favorite speakers

4.) November 28th: Send an email and/or social media the last day the VIP Access Pass are on sale.


Do I Need To Have A Large List Or Tons Of Followers On Social Media?

Nope. Our Ambassadors have both big and small email lists. We do not strictly look at list size or social media numbers when choosing Ambassadors.

More importantly, we want an Ambassadors audience to be in alignment with True Warriors classes and events.


I Want To Help People and Get Paid!

Fantastic! We’d love you to apply to be a True Warrior Ambassador.

Please know that due to a large volume of applications, we only reply to those who are a fit for the program.

The deadline to apply for The FoodBodyLove Rally is Nov 10, 2017.