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What can I teach?

True Warrior classes fall into a wide variety of topics, including Psychology, Nutrition, Sociology, Philosophy, Feminism, Entrepreneurism and more...totally not a real word. 

What's included in a True Warrior class?

Audio, pre-recorded and average 30-40 minutes in total length.

Can we communicate with our students?

That's our plan! Full courses will offer chat between classmates and opportunities for Q&A or office hours with you.

If I create a class, will it automatically be part of True Warrior's curriculum ?

We carefully curate the courses that appear on True Warrior. Therefore, we do not guarantee that your class will be published. If you want to share a class outline with us beforehand, we'd be happy to review it and give you our feedback.

Do you offer any resources for teachers?

Yes! We offer resources like the Teacher Guidebook to help you teach a great class. We’re also available for any questions. 

How can I earn money?

Revenue share 50/50. 
True Warrior handles all customer service, payment processing, and hosting fees, all at no cost to you! Plus, you'll be compensated for new Warriors you bring to True Warrior through your custom discount code.